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Hi! My name is Rachel Swenddal, the owner of Olive Loves Apple. As a stay at home mom I started making baby clothes and selling them on Etsy as a way to make extra money while raising my daughter Olivia.  I was so shocked as my Etsy store grew and grew to the point where I need to hire help. I was able to hire other stay at home mothers and offer them the same opportunity I had to work from home around their busy schedule as a mom. I am so blessed to work with amazing people who are dedicated to making the highest quality of children’s clothing right here in the USA.

My husband Todd has worked with me from the beginning. He basically worked two full time jobs, coming home every night and helping me with every part of the business, from sewing and packaging to social media and customer service. We are very lucky to have him working full time at Olive Loves Apple. I don’t know what I would do without his hard work and support.

Here at Olive Loves Apple we are honored to design clothing for every special milestone in your child’s life. We want to help you celebrate by providing the perfect outfits starting with newborn take home outfits to holiday and birthday outfits. Our goal is to help you cherish every precious moment with your little one and make lasting memories (After all they are only little once!)

We have the best customers and appreciate each and every one of you. Your loyalty to our products at Olive Loves Apple has touched me. There is nothing more rewarding than to receive an email with a picture of your little one in their first birthday outfit or dressed up for holiday pictures. We love to share in the joy those pictures bring, and it brightens up our day.


This is my adorable daughter Olivia and my wonderful husband Todd.

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